We Solve Hard Problems

We enable top organizations by transforming ideas from prototype to production.

We Solve Hard Problems

We enable top organizations by transforming ideas from prototype to production.
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Our R&D consulting services will help you get products to market faster and with lower risk. We enable customers with rigorous data science, custom algorithms, and the best of applied machine learning and artificial intelligence. We accelerate innovation and create business-transforming technologies. Our team has deep knowledge of the state-of-the-art in AI, and a keen ability to discern the authentic from the overhyped.



We are a full-stack, full development cycle software solutions provider. Our team turns proofs-of-concept ideas into production-ready implementations. You can count on us from cloud down to embedded, as we have expertise spanning multiple platforms at all layers of the software stack. Our team will partner with you to engineer robust, efficient, flexible, and scalable software systems.



We know that it takes high-quality data, careful testing, and production monitoring to launch a successful product. Machine learning has transformed traditional DevOps into MLOps which has new requirements in data acquisition, storage, warehousing, model/data revision control and testing. With decades of combined experience, our team knows how create the right kind of infrastructure and processes to keep production running smoothly.

Our Expertise

Our core strengths span the breadth of these 6 areas.

Computer Vision

Develop real-time object detection and tracking algorithms using cutting edge deep learning techniques.

Data Management

Catalog petabyte-scale data lakes and manage data warehouses with tens of billions of rows.


Integrate continuous testing and real-time monitoring for your machine-learning solution.


Save time and money, by utilizing the right cloud services for the job.


Find and tailor the right algorithm for your computational budget on edge devices.


Implement full-text search solutions for your app and enhance the analytic capabilities of your internal tools.

Software Stack

Amazon Web Services
PyTorch / TorchVision
OpenCV 3/4
Elasticsearch / Elastic Stack
ROS Robot Operating System
Boost C++ Libraries


“The breadth of expertise in the team at Muncaster Consulting is impressive. The team, and Justin in particular, have played an important role in the development of our next-generation products. Their hands-on, closely partnered approach has provided a big boost to our productivity.”
Eli Glezer
Founder and CSO, Singular Genomics
“Muncaster Consulting has played a critical role in turning AI research into prototype systems to secure top-tier driving automation customers.”
Chris Posch
Engineering Director Automotive, Teledyne FLIR
“Muncaster Consulting has been a key partner from the beginning to help build our core algorithms, software, and data infrastructure. This cutting-edge AI foundation has helped multiple product groups gain a distinct competitive advantage.”
Louis Tremblay
AI Director, Teledyne FLIR